Posted by: littletoe | May 2, 2007

You Will Know Them By Their Love

One of the things that has struck me on this journey towards Rome is how compassionate and merciful the people I have encountered in the Church are. I decided to attend a pro-life prayer vigil during Lent in front of the Planned Parenthood in our city that is where the abortions are performed. I have never attended a pro-life function of any kind before and was somewhat intimidated, especially as they were praying the rosary, something I had never done as an Episcopalian. Although I was intensely uncomfortable because I was not Catholic, I was warmly welcomed as a sister in Christ and prayer warrior against this silent holocaust. During the vigil, there were at least as many prayers for the mothers choosing to abort, for the staff, for the conversion of pro-choice thinking in politics, etc. as there were for the babies.

During the final years of our attendance at the Episcopal Church, we spent lots of time commiserating with others about the evil that seemed to be taking over our church. We wrung our hands, we prayed that the church would be saved and maybe some brave soul would remember to pray for the perpetrators of evil, but the time allotted to the prayer for our enemies was dramatically less than the time we spent praying for our cause.

This absence of a certain strident, judgmental tone and a focus on ALL of us as utterly weak and in need of divine mercy is very attractive and frankly, quite absent in the Protestant circles I have frequented.


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