Posted by: littletoe | June 18, 2007

Got My Advocate

I was finally assigned an advocate and we will have our first meeting tomorrow. I downloaded all of the documentation available from the Diocese of Colorado Springs website. Wow! This really is like getting divorced all over again. I will have the opportunity to write essays in a total of 18 categories. Luckily, some of those will not apply, but still, that’s a lot of essays!

It is hard coming from a tradition where I was not denied the Eucharist because I was divorced and remarried. I wonder what life will be like if they say ‘no’. I guess I would REALLY have to trust God for His daily graces to help me win the race set before me. Why did God call me HERE? I am fervently praying that something good comes out of this and that I’ll be able to look back and see how I was blessed by this process…



  1. ((())) I feel the same way

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