Posted by: littletoe | July 31, 2007

The History of the Episcopal Church

I found this on Dirty Catholic and could hardly contain my laughter. While a quick perusal of her blog reveals that she and I are on opposite ends of the political (and probably theological) spectrum, we do share a bawdy sense of humor.

Curious as to why I decided to leave the Episcopal Church and consider dipping my little toe in the Tiber? Watch this video! It’s really quite educational.

Warning: This video contains the f-word. It flies by really fast and happens only once, but if that would offend you, you should wait for my next serious post. 😉



  1. I remember seeing Eddie Izzard’s complete HBO special a number of years ago and I thought it was hilarious!! This of course was before my confirmation and I’d have to say that I would cringe if I heard some of that again… but it’d still be funny.
    Anyway, you had posted a comment on my blog about the perpetual virginity of Mary. I’ve made a response for you if you’d like to read it. Sorry it took so long, but I hadn’t been blogging for a long time. Enjoy, and I hope your conversion experience is for you as exciting and meaningful as mine was for me. I’ll be praying for you.


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