Posted by: littletoe | October 14, 2007

Go see “Bella”

Last weekend we got to see a preview of “Bella”, a film coming out in American theaters on October 26th. It is a great film and refreshingly different from the normal Hollywood stuff. It’s about a woman who discovers she is pregnant and who has to make a “choice”. I think the subject matter is a little mature for younger children, but there are no inappropriate scenes, with the exception of one tragic, but tastefully done, scene. Check out this link to see a trailer and be sure and look at some of the testimonies of the actors and producers of the film. I would love to see the Christian community support this film like we did with the “Passion of Christ.” We all know Hollywood speaks only one language: $. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the offering to reflect more of what we want to watch?



  1. Sounds good..

  2. Oh, Jackie, it was really good! If it comes to the UK (I think that’s where you are), make a point of seeing it and take friends and family (probably family over the age of 12) with you. Some critics thought it was cliche. I thought it was a refreshing change. It’s the first movie these guys have done and I just pray that they get the support they need, especially from Christian audiences.

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