Posted by: littletoe | October 14, 2007

Plug for SQPN

As I was dipping my little toe into the Tiber, I was on the internet all the time trying to save myself from the Roman Cult. It was the scariest feeling: I was being tugged by what I thought was the Holy Spirit to a place I wasn’t sure wasn’t the equivalent of Moonies or Mormons. After we had begun attending mass for about 4 weeks, I got an iPod and was snooping around on iTunes to see if there was anything “Catholic” I could listen to.

I found several things actually, and almost all of them are on SQPN. I have really come to enjoy the Daily Breakfast with Fr. Roderick. It’s “light” Catholic listening. He talks about food, fitness, books, movies, and technology and is either adding a Catholic interpretation to whatever is going on in the world or is just being another person on this journey to holiness. His podcasts generally last about 30 minutes and are good to listen to when you are working out or doing mundane chores.

But there is more than the Daily Breakfast. You can load podcasts that will teach you about saints, technology and some things for kids. I haven’t listened to all they have to offer but there is a diverse offering ranging from the light and humorous to the scholarly.

Check out their site and see what you think.


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