Posted by: littletoe | December 10, 2007

Prayer for the Victims and Families in the Colorado Springs and Denver Shootings

It becomes so personal when it happens in your town and when you have friends that attend that church. Two people are now dead at the hands of a crazy person with a gun who is also dead. It feels like Columbine all over again and probably would have been if an armed guard had not been on the scene.

Please pray for the victims of the dead and injured and their families.



  1. Will certainly pray…

  2. I read that the armed guard was a actually parishioner with a concealed carry license who had been given permission to carry on church property. I believe this is something every church should consider permitting as a deterrent to mass shootings. Ohio law does not allow a person with a concealed carry license to carry in a church, unless expressly given permission by the pastor. I assume Colorado law is similar.

  3. David,

    You heard right. I spoke to a friend of mine who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and ironically there are laws which keep the good guys out of the places where all the innocent, unarmed people are. *eyes rolling* My opinion is that if a person has shown that he is law-abiding by earning a permit, s/he should be allowed to go ANYWHERE. Isn’t it fascinating that when the crazy people feel the urge to kill people they never visit military training facilities (and we have no small number of those in Colorado Springs!) or police stations? I guess it’s no fun for them unless it’s an unfair fight.

    No one in our family owns a weapon but after this I seriously considered training myself just so that I COULD be the good guy if I were ever in this situation.

    On another note, there was a picture of the mother of the two teen-aged girls who died blowing kisses heavenward. Great testimony to her faith (even though it’s a different flavor than ours)!

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