Posted by: littletoe | March 28, 2008


I just purchased a liturgical calendar and it arrived yesterday and has been hung up in our office space. I got it from The St. Gregory Society, a lay group working to bring back the Latin Mass.

St Gregory Society Calendar

I was looking at it this morning and noticed that it had today, Easter Friday, listed as a “fast” day. I thought to myself, “It’s Easter!! We shouldn’t be fasting!” So I went snooping around on the internet to discover if (and why) today was a fast day. Based on what I found, it is not a day of fast for those of you who might be wondering. It was harder to find the information than I thought.

What I eventually found was a very cool online liturgical calendar. I was thrilled, ready to tell everyone I know all about it and then I discovered the site was owned by sedevacantists and I’ve been extremely troubled all day by it. (Now you know why I’m blogging instead of spinning!) This topic has never been discussed on the Catholic Spitfire Grill, where I normally go for answers to my weird questions.

I think the reason I feel so troubled about this site is that I appreciate tradition so much. I have often remarked to my family that whatever I was, I would be orthodox/traditional/conservative. Note the Church Father widget in my sidebar. That’s me! This group has the coolest online liturgical calendar I’ve found and they’re schismatic.

Of course they assert that they are the true Catholic Church and that all the popes from John XXIII to the current pope are all heretics and/or freemasons. *Me rolling eyes here* More reading on their site revealed a tone I’ve found on some of the more hostile anti-Catholic Protestant sites. This marked charity that so attracted me to individuals within the church was notably absent on this site. “By their fruits you shall know them.” How do they justify their authority to discern who is a true pope and who is not? Are they utterly unaware of church history? It seems to me the Catholic Church has suffered with leadership that could hardly be called Christian at some points in its history, sometimes for decades if not centuries.

                                coolpope                  Pope JPII funny eyes

Hmmm…. Now that I look at them, they do look kind of shady…..

I think this troubles me so much because I have chosen to believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the true church, the church founded by Christ Himself and that Pope Benedict XVI is the legitimate successor of St. Peter. Additionally, I have decided that I must submit myself to the authority of the Church, trusting in Jesus’ promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail against her. And, I have considered that this might mean following the most horrible, liberal leadership with the understanding that it was being permitted by God. Even with that possibility I have chosen to believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the church, no easy task for a former Episcopalian!

I don’t agree with Pope Benedict about the war in Iraq and I don’t agree with him about evolution, but to say that he does not believe in God or the Real Presence? Puhlease!! I have decided that agree or not, this is the authority to whom I must submit or else it’s going back to being a Protestant I go. Either that or reject any church altogether because it is impossible to know what the right church is.



  1. Don’t be troubled. Of course our Lord founded the church and the gates of hell can’t prevail against her. We must cling to Catholic teaching. When V2 departs from is, we depart from V2!

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