Posted by: littletoe | May 17, 2008

How Do We Pass Our Faith to Our Children

It has really been impressing me of late how difficult it is to try to explain the Catholic faith to my children and then taking them to church only to experience the ordinary. No wonder so many baby-boomer Catholics have lost their faith. All they get since Vatican II, at least in my part of the world is this:

Novus Ordo

I didn’t pick some of the more outrageous images that a brief search online would reveal. When I look at this, there is nothing mysterious, nothing awe inspiring, nothing divine, nothing to make me fall to my knees and worship. Contrast this with this:

Intimidating even, no?

I found this on the Caveman’s blog and really can’t say it better myself:

by Dr. Peter A. Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College.

It is a smugness epitomized in the casual entrance of laymen and women into the sanctuary for lectoring or distributing communion; the faint half-elevation of the Eucharist, not to mention many other signs of shallow or absent faith in the Real Presence; the overall chummy feeling, the “sign of peace,” the lack of silence before or after Mass; the verbal top-heaviness that makes of God a small and tame object (makes you think of Aslan, doesn’t it? He’s not a tame lion.) ready to be conjured and controlled, ready for a relationship on equal terms at best.In reality, the most unwashed,unlettered medieval peasant knew better what was happening in the lofty sanctuary of his lofty church – the peasant who knew, in part from the stained glass windows whose beauty and intricacy still cause us to marvel, that “God died for me, the Blood of Jesus washes away my sins, and all this is wondrously present at the Mass” – than does many a modern parishioner sitting in his whitewashed church of angular artifacts, who does not clearly confess the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist, who confuses sentimentality with charity and sing-alongs with prayer. (Ouch! The truth really does hurt.)



  1. This is in response to the comment on my blog;

    I pray that you were sincere in your comment, as I answered to the best of my ability, though there is some rather sharp history before the actual explanation. Read over it if you get a chance.


  2. Please update to my new blog..many thanks..

  3. Moonscape says : I absolutely agree with this !

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