Posted by: littletoe | July 26, 2008

What Does This Have to do With Catholicism?

Around a week after my last blog entry we decided it was time to move. We had been kicking the idea around for some time and it seemed like everyone was enthused about the idea all at once—something that had never happened before. I looked at my more thoughtful, analytical better half and asked the fateful question: “Well? Are you giving me permission to talk to a real estate agent?” He said, “Sure.”

Two days later I had an appointment with the agent who sold me the house we live in now, told her we wanted at least 2000 sq. ft. and about 5 acres of land. I have harbored a secret dream of raising fiber producing animals other than the urban sheep (Angora rabbits) for a couple of years now.

Anyway our house sold miraculously fast and we went looking for a house. We found it, made an offer and everything was chugging along wonderfully when two days before we would have been loading the truck, we received a call that our buyer’s funding fell through due to a stupid technicality. Everyone scrambled to have his application sent to other lenders and here we are in a torn up house that no longer feels like home, waiting for the weekend to be over and to hear when we will actually be moving out and then in to the new home. * sigh *


Barn in Sunset


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