Posted by: littletoe | August 1, 2008

More Ponderings on Humanae Vitae

I thought I was pondering a most original thought after my last blog.  Alas, while I’m in good company, I can’t claim any originality.   I must confess that I’m feeling pretty smug right now knowing I think the same thoughts a Cardinal thinks, though.  😀

It struck me that the problem with Humanae Vitae was not the position it took that artificially preventing conception was immoral but the dissent within the church that ensued.   It was as if an adolescent let loose and struck his parent and then discovered how good it felt to have such power, yet who was completely oblivious to the shocking immorality of his action.  Once the first blow was delivered, drunk with power, successive blows became much easier and each time the prick of conscience became weaker.

While I would put myself in the traditionalist camp, we are no more immune than the worst of our liberal counterparts with regard to our propensity for dissension and our distaste for authority.  When we become the ultimate arbiters of church teaching (actually laughable in my case) and feel free to dissent from the authority of the pope and Magisterium whom Almighty God has put in authority over us, woe to us!  We can no longer claim the high ground over Protestants, sodomist Anglicans or any other perceived heretic.  In the instant in which we are no longer submissive to that authority we have ceased to be true Catholics.  Forgetting the examples of saints such as Francis de Sales or Catherine of Siena who remained faithful even when the Church was enduring no small difficulty, we take our stands in rebellion to our Holy Mother Church.

When I consider the things I personally lament in my limited experience of the Catholic Church in the U.S.—bad liturgy, bad music, apathy in the Presence of our Lord, no apparent belief in the Real Presence—all of these things can be traced to the adolescent spirit of rebellion that took over our world in the wake of Humanae Vitae.  I pray that God will have mercy on me for my share in that attitude and that through the intercession of His Holy Mother I would be delivered from the attitude that I know best about all things at all times.  Domine, miserere me!


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