Posted by: littletoe | December 2, 2008

A Different Kind of Imperialism

I just finished listening to a CD I got in the mail from HLI (Human Life International).  It was called “The Infertile Soul:  Contraception’s Influence on Faith and Society.”  It was about a half hour long, but I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who would be willing to take the time and spend the $8.00.

One of the recent discoveries I’ve made about our society’s contraceptive mentality is how brutallyPresident of Human Life International imperialistic it is.  You’ll rarely hear me say the words “social justice”, “diversity”, or “community” in the context of my faith because the words have become so charged and seem to have begun a semantic shift.  “Social justice” means we care about the poor people who have no voice unless they happen not to be born yet.”  Diversity” means I need to accept sinful behavior as morally equal to holy behavior.  “Community” is a group of people more important than God.  Until we stop the genocide taking place each day in our own neighborhoods or acknowledge that it is the worst social injustice currently perpetrated by our society by degrees of magnitude, I find it difficult to talk about improving education and creating jobs for the poor.

The exportation of contraceptives to third world countries is the “new way” we exert our dominance.  I guess going somewhere with an army, subjecting a people and establishing our own government in their country is passe.  Now we tell them that because they are poor they should not breed.  We lie to them and tell them that if they have smaller families they’ll prosper and be happy like we are.  We fund contraception and abortion and voila!  Problem solved.

In fact what we export is the degradation of women and the destruction of families.  We export more AIDS because we tell people they can have sex and still be “safe”.  We teach people that they can’t control themselves and they have no hope of a happy, fulfilling life without the freedom to limit their fertility.

It is painful to see how the contraception mentality has wrought havoc in my own life and the life of my friends when I was younger but it truly pains me now that I and every other taxpayer in the U.S. is exporting this pain to the third world countries that we purportedly care so much about.



  1. Amen, Little Toe! What a powerful phrase: “The New Imperialism”! Wow. If you go to, they’ve got an article by W. Bradford Wilcox entitled, “The Facts of Life & Marriage,” in which he argues the same thing sociologically, and says towards the end that fighting contraceptive mentality IS A SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUE! If you’re interested in more materials like this, American Life League had a “Contraception is not the Answer Conference,” and they have an 8 CD set with an entire set of powerful speakers–Janet Smith, Father Euteneuer, Lionel Tiger, Damon Owens, etc. God Bless on your journey!

  2. Hey Rachel, I finally made some time to check out your blog and boy I’m impressed! I found your bit about social justice, diversity, and community particularly poignant. I’m with you – I can’t see rallying to end poverty and education and the economy until we face the most pressing issue – the genocide of abortion in which we willfully kill something to the tune of 3500 innocent children a day in the US alone. It’s just amazing that I stood by on the sidelines for so long on this issue. We need to get all the rest of the Catholics in this country to wake up somehow, though it seems really hard to do when we have traitors in the government who call themselves Catholic and yet stand against nearly everything we hold sacred – namely our children.

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