Posted by: littletoe | October 22, 2009

Meditations on the Holy Rosary

OurLadyRosaryAlthough I have traditional leanings and attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form, I pray the Luminous Mysteries on Thursdays.  I realize it may sound “Protestant” but in my opinion there is no part of Our Lord’s life that is unworthy of our contemplation.

I have been struck lately with how things were not as they seemed at the time they happened.  For instance the realization hit me a few weeks ago while praying the Glorious Mysteries that the Resurrection was not “glorious” at first.  Of course it most certainly is to us now!  But consider that it must not have been too glorious for the women going to care for His body the day after he was crucified only to find it gone.  It probably wasn’t so “glorious” for the apostles trembling in fear to see their Lord come through a locked door, saying “Peace be with you.”

Today it struck me that while the institution of the Holy Eucharist was the best thing to happen to humanity and the greatest sign of Christ’s love for us, it probably didn’t seem that way that Thursday night so long ago.   I don’t think the apostles knew what He was doing when He said, “This Is My Body….do this in remembrance of me.”    This holy Passover meal was the last they were to share with Him.  Their lives turned into a nightmare not long after those words were spoken.

The presentation of our Lord at the temple doesn’t seem so “joyful” to me when I consider the prophecy given to Mary.  I suppose it was joyful for Simeon.  But the mother of Our Lord went away contemplating what the prophecy of the sword passing through her heart might mean.

I wonder if that observation has any bearing on my life now, if perhaps I will be able to remember at difficult times that things are not always as they seem at the time they happen, particularly the unfortunate things.



  1. This is a very beautiful meditation. I am trying to remind myself that although things may seem dark now, the ‘joyful’ and ‘glorious’ may be just up ahead!

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