Posted by: littletoe | December 21, 2009

I’m Home!

Approaching the altar

The day I thought would never come finally came.  I really have no words for my feeling about what has happened (which is very sad when you are attempting to blog about an experience.)  In a way I feel like I have discovered my true home and my true family but, since I’ve been away since I was born over 49 years ago, they are all new to me.

I didn’t have any doubts about the faith itself as other converts have reported.   My fears about confession were miraculously removed before the big day and although I was nervous, I was able to focus and enjoy the moments as they passed.  I had a very scary, passing thought the day before:  What if I lose my faith later on?  I will be so much more culpable….

Kneeling while Fr. Dupre chanted "Veni Creator Spiritus"

As soon as I had time to really scare myself pondering that thought, I had a vision of angels and a celebration in heaven over the lost sheep who had been found.  What grace I was given!

Renunciation of heresy and lifting of excommunication

Some people have asked me what my favorite part was and I am sorry to report that it was not the reception of the Sacraments but the act of being received into the Church itself.   The picture depicts me reading a very long statement of my renunciation of false beliefs and embracing the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.  As soon as it was done, I was given a penance, a blessing,  and congratulations!

I then made my first confession, received Confirmation, and the sacramentals that were part of the older Baptism rite—everything but the baptism itself as I was validly baptized in the Episcopal Church.

So that’s it!  I am now able to join my children for Holy Communion and am praying for the day that my husband will join us.






  1. well now, how did I miss your last and most amazing blog post?? You could not convey the meaning of your emotions, as I’ve heard you speak about this in person, but still a very neat post anyway! I think we need to pray about your husband, he is seriously dragging his feet on the issue!

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